• Children are the future
    After five years absence, this year I was finally able to visit my Motherland Burundi again. My big dream was to rejoin the school children, parents and teachers in my village Murira, part of the commune of Gihanga . I really wanted to check how the primary school children are … Read more Children are the future
  • Unity
    Each year during the first weekend of September the Airborne March, commemorating the 1944 battle of Arnhem, is organised in Oosterbeek. I did this beautiful walk for the first time in 2019, just before the corona pandemic. This year, my wish to walk once again with my neighbour and friend, … Read more Unity
  • Share talent, break HIV stigma 
    I was honoured to be selected by IAS to participate at the 24th International AIDS Conference. AIDS2022 took in place in Montreal between 27 July and 2 August. Let me first of all state that everyone, including me, was so disappointed that so many participants where denied visa by the … Read more Share talent, break HIV stigma 
  • Ambassador of Hope
    Today we are celebrating one year Stories of Hope! And we have achieved so much since our official launch on 18 July 2021, Mandela Day. Early last year, we started Stories of Hope with two Heroes, and since then our community has grown to eleven Heroes already! You may remember … Read more Ambassador of Hope
  • Celebrate life
    This weekend I was invited by Brandon O’Dell, director of the Amsterdam Dinner Foundation to celebrate 30 (!) years of support to the HIV community. And what a fantastic evening I had, together with the other 1,100 people supporting our common cause, to realise a world without HIV and AIDS. … Read more Celebrate life
  • One big HIV family
    My lovely people, have I already told you how glad I am to be open about my status? I get to know more and more fabulous people in our HIV community wherever I go. And I love the way my HIV community keeps on growing. When we fight HIV stigma … Read more One big HIV family
  • Going global at AIDS2022
    We proudly announce that Stories of Hope will be part of the Global Village at AIDS2022 in Montreal, Canada, which will be held between 29 July and 02 August 2022. So, nearly one year after our launch, succesfully collecting and showcasing the stories of 11 Heroes and distributing exclusive Stories … Read more Going global at AIDS2022
  • My wonder woman
    Being open on social media and helping different individuals can be quite a challenge sometimes. Recently I was approached by a man for information about HIV diagnosis. He claimed to know his HIV status and apparently he was exposed during sex without condom. As he knew his status (negative), he … Read more My wonder woman
  • Precious Powerwoman
    Today we celebrate International women’s Day. As women, how are we doing? How well are we in seizing power in a male-dominated World? Maya ANGELOU once said:” My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor … Read more Precious Powerwoman
  • How to build confidence in a day
    My lovely people, February is called by many Valentine’s month. It is considered a romantic month, and for me it is also called birthday month as it is my lovely husband’s birthday on Valentine’s day. This month we chose to celebrate his 51st birthday in Rome. Why Rome? I grew … Read more How to build confidence in a day
  • FIVE ways to THRIVE
    This month I had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Stories from HIV Long-Term Thrivers’ forum where I gave a spoken word performance alongside an amazing and inspiring panel. The forum was organized by ViiV healthcare. How did I give this spoken word performance? I decided to share my 5 … Read more FIVE ways to THRIVE
  • Inyambo STARS on WAD2021
    On Saturday 4 December 2021, I helped Inyambo STARS to organise a local event to celebrate World AIDS Day. This was a day to show their community why they are true talents, showing their fashion skills AND committed to helping their community, especially supporting vulnerable people living with HIV in … Read more Inyambo STARS on WAD2021