A true warrior

For being a warrior there is no need to be in a war of guns and fight until you win. I have been in many different wars with and without gunfire. I am still fighting one long war, which I call the “STIGMA WAR”.

I am a warrior in the war against stigma, discrimination and ignorance about HIV. In this war I break the silence and the shame about being HIV positive. And I am ready to win this war because I fight it with compassion.

Yes, I am a warrior in this life full of challenges. If I would feel pity for myself, hate my life, it would not have made me feel better. But when you love life, it will certainly love you back! So I choose to do what is best for me. Breaking the silence, fighting for my rights is the best thing I can do. And I continue to do so.

Please join me in this war against STIGMA and DISCRIMINATION. We will win. Let us put our energy together and break the silence. Let us speak out and loud. Let our voices be heard!

This life with HIV has many challenges. It is like the weather: There are rainy days, cold days, warm days and you adapt to any weather condition. It is the same when living a positive life. Faced with any situation, we have to find a suitable solution. If I turn around and look back at everything I have been through, I clearly see that I am a warrior. And I am not afraid in this fight, I am not afraid of what people may say or how they may treat me. I broke the silence. And in the end the victory is on my side.

I just want to breathe my emotions.
I just want to smile like the warm sun.
I just want to laugh all day like running water in a river.
I just want to share my victory with the world.
Forget about the time I used to cry like summer rain.
Forget about the time I could not choose between right and wrong.
Forget about the time I was silent because of fear of being hurt.
Forget it. It is over now; I just want to breathe my emotions!
From now on I will joyfully sing like a morning bird.
So that people all over the world hear my voice saying:
“Hey you, stop the stigma!”
I am a warrior in a war without guns.


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