Only together we can break the stigma surrounding HIV!

My contribution to breaking to stigma is by sharing my message of setback, faith and ultimately hope with as many people as possible. From young to old. I want people to better understand what HIV is, how to prevent HIV, what to do if you have HIV and how to build a future free of stigma. I do this by entering into individual conversations with people with HIV, but also by providing information on public occasions such as schools and religious communities. By talking to people locally and sharing knowledge with them. Only together we can break the stigma surrounding HIV.

To have maximum impact on reducing HIV stigma, I am actively engaging with the HIV community. We are here to help you! Here are some great community organisations working hard to fight HIV stigma, to share information and to support people in need:

Hiv Vereniging represents equality for people living with HIV in the Netherlands. People living with HIV are central to the association. Hiv Vereniging provides information, organises exchanges, represents interests and offers support. For any questions or concerns about HIV and health, PrEP, stigma, medication, love or sex, hiv vereniging can be contacted.

Aidsfonds assists anyone with questions or concerns related to HIV and AIDS. Regardless of who you love or what you do, how you live, the color of your skin, whether you are man, woman or child. Because everyone has the right to healthcare. Fighting HIV and AIDS requires courage and persistence. Aidsfonds supports people who are most affected, in the Netherlands and abroad.

ShivA stands for Spirituality, HIV & Aids. When you live with HIV it makes you reconsider life and love, what is really important, who is really important to you, your future, responsibility and enjoyment, and how you want to and could live your life. ShivA offers people with HIV and AIDS, their partners, friends and family guidance and activities and all these issues and more.

Het Rode Lint works with local people and partners. After all, they know best what is needed and what works. Het Rode Lint works on a range of themes through local projects in different countries. These include provision of information on HIV/ AIDS, training on HIV/ AIDS, peer counselling and establishing contacts between people living with HIV, food assistance, etc. Het Rode Lint provides assistance that is tailored to the needs of people.